Aims and Beliefs

The Parish of Kidderminster East 

Five Churches One Parish One Lord

We are a group of 5 churches within Kidderminster and the surrounding areas. 

Our 5 churches include St Cassian’s, St Cecilia’s, St Chad’s, St George’s and St Mary’s Stone.

We are members of the Church of England and subscribe to the values of the Diocese of Worcester.

We are followers of Jesus Christ and we are called to be people who: 

  • Love God; 
  • Love our neighbours as ourselves; 
  • Go out to bless our communities and lead others to be disciples too. 

In our Parish we hold the Bible to be the Word of God and we constantly strive to work out how we can live our lives according to its instructions and guidance.

What is our Vision at Kidderminster East Parish (KEP) ?

We aim to be a people who are: 

  • rooted in prayer and scripture; 
  • experiencing worship that inspires; 
  • growing as disciples, and being resourced to grow; 
  • providing for the needs of all ages including young families; 
  • making our buildings fit for purpose; 
  • engaging with and serving our local communities; 
  • making new disciples.

What do we believe? 

When we look around the world, our nation, our local community and our own lives we see that there is so much wrong, and yet we believe there is hope – God can make a difference – He can make it right.

God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die for us.

We call the wrong things that are done, sin. As humans, we can’t help ourselves – we try to be good, but it’s so difficult and we can’t achieve it.

God knew this and that’s why He sent His Son to die for us.

We deserve to pay for the things that we’ve done wrong – but Jesus took our place and paid the debt – so we’re in the clear with God – debt-free! We can have new life through Him, a fresh start.

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