Bishop Council Open Conversations

Bishop’s Council is examining the future of ministry (clergy and lay) across the diocese and is also reviewing the basis on which Parish Share is calculated. As part of this, it is proposed to have “Open Conversations” events to enable as wide a cross-section as possible of worshippers to express a view. The first meetings will be at the Old Palace, Worcester, Wednesday 11th December, 2:00-4:30pm or 7:00-9:15pm.

Further dates include:

  • Tues 14th Jan 2020, 10–12.30pm Pershore Town Hall
  • Tues 14th Jan 2020, 7–9.15pm Welland Parish Hall
  • Mon 20th Jan 2020, 2–4.30pm St John the Evangelist, Kates Hill, Dudley
  • Mon 20th Jan 2020, 7–9.15pm St John the Evangelist, Kates Hill, Dudley
  • Thurs 30th Jan 2020, 2–4.30pm The Old Palace, Worcester
  • Tues 4th Feb 2020, 2–4.30pm Catshill Social Club (tbd) Bromsgrove
  • Tues 4th Feb 2020, 7–9.15pm Trinity Methodist Church, Kidderminster

Please try to attend one if you can.

To find out more information and to book your place please follow this link:

Alternatively, please contact the Parish Office.

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