Faithful Friday – Friday 12 June 2020

The ‘Faithful Friday’ initiative is back!

This is an initiative to further explore the Word of God and to reconnect people with Bible verses.

Please feel free to reflect on what each passage means to you and let us know if any of the passages inspire you.

Blog post from Revd Robert Legge:

I wonder when you read the gospels do you come away with a feeling that Jesus had an unfair advantage in that he was the Son of God and perfect in His very nature? Well He was certainly these things and more, however we need to remember that He was also fully human; as fully human as you and I and so when we talk about weakness He really does understand what we go through. He doesn’t give us help from afar; rather He gives us help because he has been there Himself. Don’t hide yourself from His help, embrace it.

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