Faithful Friday – Friday 16 October 2020

Here is the Faithful Friday word for you today! 

Faithful Friday is an initiative from our clergy to further explore the Word of God and to reconnect people with Bible verses

Please feel free to reflect on what each passage means to you and let us know if any of the passages inspire you.

Blog post by David Hildred:

Where we have a hobby there may be times when we want a break from it, perhaps because it has lost its initial appeal to us or it’s been getting difficult.  In these chapters Paul shows that his Christian faith is not a hobby but his life and identity.  After surviving a 14-day storm, during which he encourages his guards and fellow prisoners, he then brings healing in the name of Jesus to a new group of people.  The same Spirit of Jesus is available to us as we live for Jesus and find our identity in him, so that we might share his blessings with those around us – even when times are tough and we’re feeling less than our best.  Shall we risk being bold for Jesus?

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