Faithful Friday – Friday 2 October 2020

Here is the Faithful Friday word for you today!
Faithful Friday is an initiative from our clergy to further explore the Word of God and to reconnect people with Bible verses

Please feel free to reflect on what each passage means to you and let us know if any of the passages inspire you.

Blog post by David Hildred:

King Ahab shows just how much influence a leader can have on the life of his people and their spiritual outlook. Sadly, he has lost sight of God’s power and ability to bless his faithful people, and so Elijah must step in. Elijah challenges the king to bring his new advisors (the prophets of the false god Baal) to a great contest to show which god is God. A drenched altar and sacrifice bursts into flames, showing that God is God. For us it might not be something miraculous, but simply unusual, that God uses to prompt us to ask whether God has something to say to us. Shall we listen, for instance, as we read these chapters this week?

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