Faithful Friday – Friday 26 June 2020

Here is the Faithful Friday word for you today! 

Faithful Friday is an initiative from our clergy to further explore the Word of God and to reconnect people with Bible verses

Please feel free to reflect on what each passage means to you and let us know if any of the passages inspire you.

Blog post by Revd David Hildred:

On recent Sundays we have been reading the record about Abraham and his walk with the Lord and these two verses for today tell us something important about that walk: it is not an exhausting sprint, but it is a steady, constant movement into an assured future. Back in Genesis 12 the promise to Abraham was that he would become a great nation, but it took 25 years before the ‘child of promise’ was born. I think I have much to learn from Abraham about patience. As we live through the changes leading us out of lockdown, can we believe like Abraham and trust in the Lord’s assured future for us?

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