Morning Prayer Readings – 20.07.2020-25.07.2020

You might already have a routine for daily Bible reading: please continue – we are not in competition with the “Daily Bread” notes, etc. But we have put together readings for any who wish to link in with those that are used at daily Morning Prayer, but there is the flexibility to use them whenever you wish. 

We suggest you find a quiet space where you can focus on the reading. It’s good to pray before you read, asking the Holy Spirit to make his word come alive to you today. Then, as you read you might want to listen out for some of the following: is the passage showing you something about God, something about yourself, something to be thankful for, something that will prompt you to a particular action today? You might want to note down some of the thoughts that come to mind. 

We are five churches, one parish, and these readings will help to underline the ‘one parish’ aspect as we listen for God’s voice to us through them.

There are also 2 videos a week from the Clergy which are released on a Monday and Thursday. The videos will discuss the morning prayer readings, find out more on the parish Youtube account.

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