Parishioner Survey 2020

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Parishioner Survey 2020, we will keep you updated regarding the results as soon as possible.

The PCC meeting on 13 July 2020 established a Strategic Thinking Group (“STG”) to look at the pattern of services in the parish over the medium and longer term.  The short-term pattern of public worship in the parish ‘in the gradual re-opening post lockdown’ (ie where we are now) is in the hands of separate group (the clergy and churchwardens of each church).

By ‘pattern of services’ we mean things like:
  • The form should these services take (Holy Communion, Morning and Evening Prayer, Worship for All, Evensong etc, etc); what texts and resources should be used; should they be said and/or sung; a range of traditional and modern, formal and informal.
  • How our ministers (ordained, licensed and authorised) can best be deployed.
  • How will the needs of all ages be met (eg children / young people / the elderly / Messy Church).
  • Where these services should take place (which church building, on-line or elsewhere).
  • The start time and length of the services.
  • The opportunities for fellowship before and after each service.

The STG comprises the Rector and the Vicar together with one representative nominated by each of the five churches.

In carrying out its work, the STG recognises that it is VERY IMPORTANT to understand the views of all Parishioners.  To that end it has devised a survey questionnaire.

The survey can either be answered in writing by individuals or groups, or form the basis of ‘interview questions’ to obtain the views of some people who would otherwise be ‘hard to reach’ if they were left to fill in the survey on their own.  Feel free to fill this in on your computer, or by hand, or scan and send.  

Please return the results of the survey to the parish office/church by Sunday 18th October 2020:

The questions are about church life before lockdown in March 2020, and what happens once it is ‘all over’. Please take your time; be thoughtful, be prayerful.

The STG is looking primarily at the pattern of services, but you might want to comment on anything in your “church life” which has kept you in touch with God; for example:

Attending public worship / prayer groups; experiencing different styles of worship; doing things at a different time on a Sunday; doing things at a different time as part of your daily routine (eg prayer, Bible reading); using resources online, on TV, on the radio; church group meetings; practical tasks for the church; social events; fundraising events; keeping in touch with fellow church members; meeting new people…

Please help those who might otherwise be “hard to reach” to fill in this form, or ask them the questions (perhaps by phone) and record their answers.

Thank you! – keep this page for yourself, and return the attached.

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