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Messy Easter 13.04.19

At the April Messy Church, which was held at St Chad’s, we looked together at different parts of the Easter Story through craft, activity and a magic trick!  We made palm branches, wooden crosses, Easter cards and a garden, an Easter tomb biscuit, a colours of faith bead keyring, and remembered that Jesus died and rose again for each one of us by putting our fingerprints on a cross.  We treasure hunted for golden eggs around the church and answered questions to earn a chocolate egg!  In our short service, we heard about how Jesus took away all the things that we do wrong when he died on the cross, and that he beat death by rising again as we watched Peter perform a magic trick.  Our prayers involved Easter eggs…yum!   All this was followed by a delicious meal of lasagna, garlic bread and ice cream.  Join us again at St. George’s for or Messy half term event on Tuesday 28th May from 10-12am. Thanks for everyone for their hard work running the event and for the photos.

Mothering Sunday Messy Church 31.03.19

We celebrated Mothering Sunday in lots of hands on ways at St Cassian’s. We decorated plant pots and planted them with sunflowers- nuturing our flowers will help them grow and flourish just as we do when we are looked after. We decorated cakes, made paper decorations and made our own tea. We created stunning bouquets and made jewellery. Beth led our act of worship and we sang and thought about the ways in which we are cared for. Last but not least we shared a lovely meal together.

Messy Good Samaritan 17.11.18

Parish Messy Church took place on Saturday 17th November, at St Chad’s Church on Comberton. “We explored the story of the Good Samaritan. It was great to see lots of children and families enjoying balancing on the ‘rocky road’ (tightrope!), making plaster cards, creating a hand dish, and filling felt purses with money and plasters to be ready to help others in need. We also mixed up some yummy rocky road cakes, made paper houses, built the story from Lego and added our hand prints on a banner with names of people we wanted to pray for. In our ’emergency’ corner, we met a real life paramedic who let herself be bandaged up! We were also lucky enough to be able to chat to Alan, a long time volunteer for Severn River rescue who let us try on life jackets, helmets and practice lifting the really heavy life ring! After a short celebration together thinking about how we can help each other, we enjoyed a delicious tea of sausages, mash, beans and peas, followed by fantastic cakes!” Many thanks to all the visitors, volunteers and to those who sent in photos!

Messy Half Term 30.10.18

The Messy Half Term event happened on Tuesday 30th October at St George’s Church. “We had a very good morning with 66 children and over 30 parents/carers doing activities around the story of The Lost Sheep. A couple of children shared an experience of being lost. It’s good to know that, like the shepherd in the story, God will never give up looking for those of us who are lost.” Many thanks to all the visitors, the volunteers who helped during the day and for the pictures!

Messy Harvest 15.09.18

A wonderful time was had by many at the Messy Harvest event on Saturday 15th September at St Cassian’s. Many thanks to everyone who came along and sent photos

Messy in the Woods 14.07.18

Messy in the Woods happened on a warm 14th July in a field not far from St Mary’s, Stone. On a beautiful afternoon, 20 adults and 25 children joined around 30 members of all 5 churches in the Parish of Kidderminster East for a fun Messy in the Woods event. The pond dipping, scavenger hunt in the woods, craft activities using natural materials and games of football all helped us appreciate God’s beautiful creation. Finally, we had a delicious picnic provided by members of the parish. Many thanks for all the help that was received!

Messy Fun 23.06.18

24 children and 22 adults joined us for Messy Church at St Cecilia’s. Amongst various craft activities (some were very messy) and games, we enjoyed finding out who was the tallest and who was the shortest amongst us. This was because we were thinking of the story of Jesus meeting Zacchaeus, who was a very short man! We then enjoyed the short service, followed by a delicious cold buffet all together.

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