Here are the details of all the Annual Meetings being held at each of the 5 churches and for the whole parish. All welcome, however, to vote on some issues and to be a member of Church DCCs, the PCC and to take up certain roles you need to be on the Electoral Roll. 

Individual Church AGMs 2021

Please note that COVID-19 restrictions apply.

  • St Cassian’s Church, Monday 10th May, 7:00pm via Zoom.
  • St Cecilia’s Church, Tuesday 4th May, 7:45pm via Zoom.
  • St Chad’s Church, Monday 17th May, 7:45pm in Church.
  • St George’s Church, Sunday 9th May, after 11:00am service in Church.
  • St Mary’s Stone Church – Meeting has already taken place.

Parishioners wishing to attend the meetings being held online via Zoom, should please request the meeting link via at least 48hrs before the meeting, if they haven’t already been sent the details. 

Meeting of Parishioners (for all in the parish) and Annual Parochial Church Meeting APCM (for all on the Parish Electoral Roll):

  • Monday 24th May in St George’s Church, Radford Avenue, Kidderminister at 7:30pm.

Electoral Roll Review:

This year sees a revision of the Parish Electoral Roll. This means that any existing names are carried forward from the current roll and any new applications must apply to go on the new Electoral Roll. Any changes to existing records eg. address, contact details etc. must also be made using the application forms.

  • To check your entry and for any other queries, please contact your Electoral Roll Officer or Bob / Maddy Smith (Parish Electoral Roll Officers) on 07791 804135. Thank you.

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