Change of Online Provision Letter

Please see below a letter from the clergy outlining the new online provision the Parish of Kidderminster East will be providing as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

Letter to KEP re change of Online provision

Dear Friends,

We’ve now been told that “Freedom Day” will arrive on 19th July when lockdown restrictions are lifted.  However, we don’t know exactly just yet what that will mean for us in our churches, and how we will continue to “live with” Covid-19 after that.  We are waiting for further guidance and advice from the Church of England.

For some time now we have been thinking about how we can continue to offer a good mix of opportunities to meet in our churches and online, as we seek to live within whatever guidance there might be.

The big change is that we will draw to a close our Sunday 11:00am Online service (by Zoom).  This has served so many people so well over the months of the pandemic and we didn’t want to let its closing go by unnoticed, but rather, wanted to give people the opportunity to meet for a final time to thank God for this particular service.

So it may well be that you want to plan to attend the 11:00am Online service on Sunday 22nd August, which will be the final Sunday morning Zoom service.  Or, if not that one, then one earlier in the month, to say a Thank you and “Au revoir”.

We know many people have appreciated meeting others across the parish through this service, and so we intend to create a monthly opportunity to meet online for worship, teaching and fellowship.  The first of these will be on Wednesday 29th September at 7:00pm.  Zoom details will be available through the usual email route.

Alongside this other online opportunities will remain: the 8:00am Morning Prayer service (Monday-Thursdays and Saturdays), the 7:00pm Northumberland Prayer service (Thursdays), the Friday evening Quiz nights.  The Wednesday evening Parish Prayer Meetings will remain online (extending to 45 minutes) and will become monthly meetings.  Details for how to join in with any of these can be requested through the parishcomms email.

We are also investigating whether we might be able to live-stream some of our on-site services on a Sunday morning, so that people can sit at home and watch what is happening in church.

Many people have said throughout the pandemic that life would not simply return to what it was 18 months ago, but we hope that where we have been enriched by our online experiences we will continue to be able to appreciate meeting together in this way.

Please continue to pray that what we offer as a parish as we emerge from the pandemic will feed us as we seek to grow as the Lord’s disciples, and will continue to help us develop as five churches in one parish.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

David & Robert

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