Coronavirus Updates 2021

Please see below for the most recent Coronavirus updates 2021.

Update Wednesday 3rd March 2021:

A Message from your Clergy: Reopening of Churches at Easter

Revds David and Robert have written a letter regarding the re-opening of Churches at Easter.

‘We are aiming for a gradual re-introduction of in-person services around Easter, along- side the continuation of our online Zoom service. Full details will appear on the website and in the newsletter. Briefly, we will have a Maundy Thursday service at 7:00pm in St George’s, and then Easter Day services in St Cassian’s & St George’s. The following week, 11th April, all our churches will be open.’ 

This is an extract; the full text can be downloaded below.

Update Tuesday 23rd February 2021:

A Message from your Clergy: Continued Closure of Churches in March 

The Standing Committee has decided that our churches should remain closed for the month of March, except for weddings and funerals. It is always a matter of trying to balance our desire to be together to worship with the need to be as safe as possible. We will review the decision in the middle of March, and we are hoping for a partial re- opening for some services during Holy Week. In the meantime, we can continue to worship together by taking advantage of all the resources mentioned in this newsletter. Take part in an Online service or prayer meeting or use the Lent resources. Let’s continue to keep in touch in all the ways that we can, and continue to pray for & support each other through these difficult times.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

David & Robert 

Update Tuesday 9th February 2021:

Please see below a letter from Revds David and Robert regarding the decided that our churches should remain closed for the month of March.

We continue to pray for the parish and the world as we live during these uncertain times.

Update Tuesday 19th January 2021:

Firstly, this message assures you all of our continuing prayers for the parish and our world as we continue to come to terms with the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Parish Standing Committee met on 18th January and together we made the difficult but ultimately necessary decision to keep all churches in the parish closed until the end of February. We emphasise that we do not take any church closures lightly or willingly and will review the situation in mid-February to decide about services in March.

“Our buildings are closed but our church is still open!”  We encourage you to take carefully note of all the online resources mentioned in this newsletter and make as much use of them as possible so that we may continue to worship God as a parish community and family. Please also consider how you can keep in touch with those who don’t have access to online material or are not confident in using such.

In the knowledge that God is with us all at this difficult time.
Robert and David 

Update Tuesday 5th January 2021:

Following the new national lockdown the clergy have taken the decision to close the churches in the parish for all services except funerals, at least for the month of January. Therefore all the planned services have been cancelled. Our online service will continue, which you are encouraged, and very welcome, to attend. In addition there will be a second online service in the evening. 

Revds David Hildred and Robert Legge have issued a letter to the parish regarding the most recent Covid-19 announcement.

Please see our Zoom Services, Newsletter and Virtual Services pages for information regarding online services. Or, visit our YouTube channel and Facebook for recordings and updates.

Furthermore, please view the specific pages to find out more about our March Guidance, Prayer Resources, Mental Health Advice, and Covid-19 resources.

Other News: 

  • A group of us will be reading the Bible together 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons from 1:30pm for about an hour. This will happen via Zoom. We plan to read 1 Thessalonians in 6 sessions. If you would like to join us, please make contact via the parish office. Hilary Hildred 
  • Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18th – 25th January 2021: This year’s theme is “Abiding in Christ”. With restrictions still in place it is unlikely that we will be able to get together with friends from Churches Together in Kidderminster. We will still mark the Week in KEP with special emphasis on the theme of Christian Unity during our own services, including Morning Prayer and Contemplative Prayer. For those who wish to find out more please see the website of the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. 

We will continue to add Coronavirus updates 2021 to this page as and when they arrive.


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