Sunday Schools

Sunday School Activities 

We see children as an important part of our church family and encourage active participation by both children and young people in the Sunday services. 

At the following churches there are activities focused on children to help develop their friendships, and faith within the church:

St George’s – 11am

There are groups or activities as part of the service for babies/toddlers and children in school years 1-8. There is also a children’s area at the back of the church where younger children, toddlers and babies are welcome to meet during most morning worship services. We also share Bible stories and activities with the older children and all are welcome to use the toys and books which we have available. 

Monthly there is a Worship for All service where the sermon is tailored for all ages. 

St Chad’s – 9.30am

There are groups or activities as part of the service for toddlers and children in school years 1-8, with an additional creche room available for babies. Sunday services are usually at 9.30 and start with everyone together. The church has a focus on making the services appealing to all. Usually, on the first Sunday of the month there is a Worship 4 All service, with opportunities for all ages, a range of activities and different forms of worship.

The remaining Sundays everyone starts in church and after 5-10 minutes the children and young people leave for their own sessions. We have activities and worship in currently two groups for children and young people where we explore what the bible teaches and how we can apply it to our lives. The younger group is suitable for 4-7s and the older group for 10+. On 2nd and 4th Sundays which are communion services the children usually come back into the service to be blessed at the communion rail. We believe in trying to flex and accommodate all into an appropriate group and have had to adapt several times but our aim is to welcome all. For any further information contact can be made to Sally Stevenson on  07527987346 or Jude Bylett on 01562 630599 or 07834 557925. 

St Cassian’s – 9.30am

There are activities often used as part of the service for children aged 3-11 and, also a children’s area at the back of the church with a variety of toys and games to suit all ages.

Please come along to a service to find out more, the Calendar page on will show you when services are taking place.


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