Welcome to the website of The Parish of Kidderminster East. 

We are made up of 5 churches * within Kidderminster and the surrounding area and ‘we are seeking to build the Kingdom of God, showing the qualities of Jesus within us to the world around us.’

As followers of Jesus Christ: 

“We are united by God’s love, without requiring uniformity; each church ‘dreaming its own dreams’ about building the Kingdom, whilst being humbly alert to the dreams of others. Our life together is shaped by God’s grace shown to us individually, as we grow in being the disciples of Jesus. We seek to be faithful to God’s word, and to be fruitful by being fuelled by his Spirit. We are people with good news about Jesus who want to live and share that good news.”

* Although legally we remain a parish of 5 churches, due to Deanery re-organization St Cassian’s is now (from 1.1.2024) working in a new grouping with Belbroughton and Fairfield. All enquiries relating to
St Cassian’s can be made via [email protected].

This site as well as the parish Facebook and YouTube accounts are used as platforms for prayer, updates, virtual services, and the sharing of Christian values. 

Below is the Parish Calendar displaying the Services and Events that occur throughout the Parish. 

Parish Services are in Red

Parish Events are in Purple

UK Holidays are in Green

Today’s Date is highlighted in Yellow

Our Events