Single Donations:

Many thanks for considering a donation towards the Parish of Kidderminster East.

Your gift will be used to further God’s ministry in the Parish of Kidderminster East and towards supporting our clergy and churches throughout the Diocese of Worcester.  You can choose whether to donate to the parish as a whole, or to donate to an individual church within our parish.

To make a donation toward the Parish of Kidderminster East please use the ‘donate’ button below.

If you would like to donate to the individual churches please follow the links to their respective pages, below.

St. Cassian’s

St. Cecilia’s

St. Chad’s

St. George’s

St. Mary’s, Stone

Regular Giving:

The Parish Giving Scheme is a ‘scheme supported by the Church of England that offers an easy and efficient way for people to make regular donations to their church with benefits to both the donor and the local church.’

To find out more please click on the ‘download’ button below or watch the video.

The Parish Giving Scheme from The National Giving Team on Vimeo.

To gift:

  • Please call the dedicated telephone number:   0333 002 1271

Lines are open Monday to Friday, between 9 – 5pm.

You will need to have your bank account details, church/parish name and PGS parish code to hand.  Once again it is possible to donate to the parish as a whole or to donate to an individual church within our parish.  Here are the names and codes you will need:

Parish of Kidderminster East – 42A642228  

St. Cassian’s – 420642220

St. Cecilia’s – 420642228

St. Chad’s – 420642227

St. George’s – 420642226

St. Mary’s, Stone – 420642237

You will be able to Gift Aid your donation, if eligible, and you will also be given the option to increase your giving annually, in line with inflation.

CAF Donate and the PGS are GDPR compliant and donor’s data will only be used for the purpose of donating to us and not shared with anyone else.


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