Affiliated Links

Below are a selection of affiliated links which we are connected to.

We are part of the Church of England.

Church of England

We are also part of the Diocese of Worcester.

Diocese of Worcester
Furthermore, there are many charities which are supported within the parish, below are an example of a few of these affiliated links:
  • King of Hearts Creative Outreach is a charity run and supported by members of St Chad’s which helps children in the local area

  • The Bible Society has a range of online resources all year round, including: videos, tips and advice.

  • Compassion UK helps support children around the world in the name of Jesus. The Parish currently sponsor nine children & their families in various countries from Bolivia to Thailand. Find out more from Luke Gratton on the Parish Youtube account.

  • Under Tree Schools is a charity that builds schools in Southern Sudan

  • NoVo is a charity which is dedicated to pursuing the vision of creating transformational communities

  • KEMP is the local hospice in Kidderminster

  • Many of the Churches within the parish are Fair-trade Churches and/or use fair-trade products


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Romans 12:12 NIV

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