In the Church of England, we hold Christenings (also known as Baptisms) for people of all ages. Parents often have their children baptised as a sign of thanks to God for the gift of life and to welcome the child into the family of Christianity.

Christening at St Cassian's

Baptism is a celebration of your faith as you make a public declaration of your commitment to love God.

During a Christening a person becomes part of the family of God, adopted into the family of Christ. 

Christening at St George's

Before fonts were used for baptisms the person would be dipped into a river, going under the water completely before being raised out of the river. In this way, baptism mirrored the death and resurrection of Christ. 

Fonts are now used so full submersion is not done as often. 

We also welcome adults who want to be baptised. Or alternatively, you can choose a blessing of thanksgiving to commemorate the birth of your child. We can discuss all the options with you. Please e-mail or phone the Parish Office, on 01562 822131 or, who will arrange for a member of the clergy to contact you. 


There is no fee for a baptism or thanksgiving.


For young adults, we run a confirmation preparation course when required. Please contact the Parish Office, on 01562 822131 or, to find out when the next one will run. And, for adults, please check out our Alpha page.

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