Advent Holiday Club

We are pleased to announce that the Parish of Kidderminster East is running another popular children’s club event on Saturday, 10th December from 1:00pm until 5:00pm at St. Chad’s Church, Comberton, DY10 3AY.  This will include a Christingle Service at 4:00pm.   

The club, as always, will be run and hosted by numbers of trained volunteers with a first aider in attendance.

Children in the age range of 6 to 11 years (or school years 2 to 5) are welcome to register for this free of charge event.  The afternoon will begin with a meal followed by many fun activities.  Refreshments will also be served.  Parents, guardians and other family members are welcome to join us at 4:00pm for the Christingle Service. Refreshments will be served to all those attending the service or collecting children at 5:00pm. 

Why not enrol the children in the club so that you can enjoy a few hours shopping in peace or just put your feet up and recharge your batteries?  Whatever you decide to do with your free time, we would love to welcome you, your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and indeed any children, to our church. 

Registration for the children’s club (for children in the specified age range only) is ESSENTIAL by 3rd December, but all are welcome to join the Christingle Service at 4:00pm. 

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