Update – St Chad’s Biffa Award Progress 2021

December 2021

Work has been completed on the Hall!!

The hall is now smarter, brighter and warmer thanks to a £17,000 Biffa Award grant.

Celebrating Biffa Award and improvements to the hall, Café Chad is holding a Christmas ‘Special’ on Wednesday morning 8th December from 9:15 with table sales. Money raised will support the “Young at Heart” group at St. Cecilia’s church, funding the elderly and wheel chair users on excursions.

Anne Scott, Voluntary Manager for Café Chad said:

“Café regulars have made comments like “Wow!; What a difference!; You can see the world outside now!   The hall now looks bigger, cosier and brighter – a great improvement.”

Rev. Robert Legge, Team vicar for St. Chad’s Church said:

Without doubt these windows have been a marvellous addition to the church hall both in terms of light and appearance.  They are now the first thing you notice when you come into the hall.”

Raye Cartwright, Brownies group leader said:

“The Brownies thought how fresh and light the interiors felt once the works were completed – like being in a new building. We could feel the difference in warmth in the building and the windows were easy to reach and open.”

 Rachel Maidment, Biffa Award Grants Manager, said:

“It is so important that we continue to invest in buildings which are at the heart of their communities. Supporting the project to replace the side wall at St Chad’s Church Hall will ensure that its community has a warm and inviting building to use for years to come.”

November 2021

Progress on St. Chad’s building work is going well!

The current plan is to brick-up and insulate the side wall; fit new aluminium frame windows; build a small store and to make a new soakaway to stop flooding in the car park. This means the hall should be warmer this winter!

We are pleased to say the windows were fitted yesterday and work should be complete very soon!

Thanks again go to those who are lending a hand, and for the patience from those who usually use the hall.

Please click on the link below for more information regarding our Biffa Award funding.

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