Faithful Friday Blog 14 06 2024

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Friday 14/06/2024

Luke 14

We’ve read a number of very familiar parables in our readings this week along with some miraculous healings. A crippled woman and a man with dropsy have been healed and we’ve read the stories about the fig tree, mustard seed, yeast and a huge banquet. I wonder what has stayed with you? I found the diversion into Acts on Tuesday particularly helpful when we read about Barnabas. His nickname we gather (see Acts 4:36) was ‘Son of Encouragement’ or more simply ‘Encourager’. What a great name! We all need encouragement! Perhaps it would be helpful to think about how the Lord has encouraged us through this week’s readings, and how in turn we might encourage others in the week that lies ahead?

The Ven. Andy Piggott

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