Faithful Friday Blog 15 07 2022

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Friday 15/07/2022

Luke 19 v 1-10

As I reflect upon this familiar passage I believe that there would have been three things that would have surprised Zacchaeus. Firstly He would have been amazed that Jesus looked up and saw him, secondly he would have been astounded that Jesus knew his name and thirdly Jesus actually wanted to spend quality time with him. And because of these three situations blending together Zacchaeus’ life was changed out of all recognition as he began to live a radical new life by the power of Jesus

Do you sometimes feel that you are just one of many people in the church crowd and that Jesus couldn’t have time for you because you are not really too important in the scheme of things? Take time to rejoice that Jesus loves you, acknowledges you, knows you by name and longs to have fellowship with you daily.

Revd Robert Legge

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